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What our clients are saying

Dow Chemical is extremely satisfied with Jan's work on several sensitive employee studies. We keep coming back to Jan because she is gifted in drawing out participants' thoughts about very personal topics, delivering valuable insights, focusing on study objectives/informational needs, and conveying the content and emotions behind the learnings. Beyond that, Jan is great to work with all around -- pleasant with everyone she encounters, dependable, accommodating, and always goes the extra mile. Jan loves what she does and it really shows.

Dorothy George
Custom Primary Research, Market Insight Center
The Dow Chemical Company

I breathe a sigh of relief whenever I work with Jan Lohs. I completely trust Jan to get the job done and can pass off projects directly to her. She’s thoughtful, thorough, flexible, and creative. Jan has been a real lifesaver when the research needs keep changing but we still need to get answers fast.

Michelle Comer
Director of Brand Strategy
Jockey International, Inc.

Jan Lohs has been one of our ‘go to’ partners for in-depth customer insight. I have always relied on Jan to get the job done.

Jan has the unusual combination of creativity, thoroughness, and the ability to extract a business-oriented synthesis of the consumers’ words. Jan brings thorough technical understanding of her craft, coupled with the creative drive to find ways to apply emerging theory in practical research streams.

Jan digs to understand the motivations and drivers behind the consumers’ words. She doesn’t settle for the fitting, but glib, response. Jan knows when to challenge and when to use technique to draw the consumer out. Her ability to thoroughly understand the ideas and feelings in the consumer response allows her to synthesize the findings with an eye toward how to apply them to the business. Jan makes thoughtful, practical suggestions for applying the newly-won consumer insights on the job.

I have always enjoyed working with Jan. She has a positive, but realistic, approach to projects. Jan helps to flesh out your objectives, works to develop the scope, and pushes back when one tries to put too much stuff into the bag. She’s a true pro.

Michael Lotti
Chairperson of the Board, American Marketing Association
Former Director, Business Research and Vice President Corporate Marketing
Eastman Kodak Company

Jan Lohs is a wonderful qualitative research partner. She helps us to improve our thinking and work every step of the way.

Jan’s observations and thoughts are always well reasoned and anchored, allowing us the greatest freedom to evolve our creative work against a very clearly defined motivation (or adapt it based on a clearly understood issue).

On a recent international project, Jan made it easy to clearly understand the nuances between countries. Plus, the bigger cultural framework she referenced to explain why has been very valuable -- particularly in China.

Topping off everything, it is simply a pleasure to work with Jan.

Keith Newton
Worldwide Group Planning Director

Over the last five years, I have had the privilege to work extensively with the Lohs Research Group on a number of survey development projects. LRG services have consistently exceeded our expectations; providing high quality deliverables within project timeframes. Jan Lohs’ pursuit of excellence has earned her an integral place as external consultant to our project management teams.

In addition, within focus group sessions, Jan skillfully applies qualitative research theory using finely honed tools of group and individual qualitative inquiry. It is rare find indeed! … knowledge of both qualitative theory and practice, as well as the ability to consistently identify what is most important to our clients and patients.

Dr. Mark J. Atkinson
Senior Outcomes Research Scientist
Pfizer, Inc.

Kodak works with Jan Lohs because she thinks strategically about research. She helps us get a clear focus on the research problem. And she speaks up if she doesn’t agree with the direction we’re moving in. This helps us, because sometimes we’re too busy or too close to an issue to see all the nuances.

Jan’s video reports are an excellent way to bring the voice of the customer to a larger internal audience. Our internal clients hear not only our words but the words and expressions of the customer. It makes our customers come alive and makes the research have a strategic impact to our company.

Dawn Daniels-Novak
Director of Marketing Research
Branding and Communications, Consumer Digital Group
Eastman Kodak Company

Diversity and Inclusion are critical elements of Dow's strategy. As such, it is critical for us to understand our employee's perceptions around issues such as respectful treatment and equitable career advancement opportunities.

Jan Lohs has played a central role in helping us elicit honest and candid input on these very sensitive issues from employees around the globe -- from the USA to China. Her professionalism and her in-depth knowledge of research techniques created an atmosphere of trust with interviewees that enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of important issues on our employees' minds. From the research design to the analysis of results, Jan added value at every step.

Kathy McDonald
Former Global Director, Diversity & Inclusion
The Dow Chemical Company

We are grateful to Lohs Research Group for its outstanding contribution to our Long Range Planning Process. The research has made a significant difference in the outcome of our evaluative process and has opened a window through which we have been able to view and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our image, program and identity.

Jan Lohs has helped us understand that we must relate to the aspirations and fears of a changing older adult population by marketing and delivering on the promise of a lively and vital environment, while being realistic about the issues of body, mind and spirit that are related to aging.

We appreciate the in-depth approach Jan took in uncovering the underlying issues, as well as her heartfelt commitment to this project.

Beth Truett
Executive Director
Chicago Lights

Jan has supported Kodak's Business Research group for many years, completing many qualitative projects including focus groups, individual depth interviews, and ethnographic research. She is committed to providing high quality services and maintains her education and training in the latest methods. I particularly like Jan's ability to establish rapport with a wide variety of consumers and B2B respondents, allowing her to access deeper insights.

Pat Crane
Director, Brand Development
Brand Management & Marketing Services
Eastman Kodak Company

Over the years, Lohs Research Group has helped us gain key insights into our customers’ attitudes, motivations, and their needs. We have consistently been able to use Jan’s research findings and recommendations to take our products and the servicing of our customers to new heights.

Brian Emmett
Manager, Direct Marketing and Advertising
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company

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