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LRG Gives Back: We support the Cameroon America AIDS Alliance

The Cameroon America AIDS Alliance (CAAA) is an American non-profit 501(c)3 organization that works with local partners in Cameroon, Central Africa, to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS and alleviate the physical and psychological devastation of the disease. Our two-pronged approach is unique yet simple, and it has proven effective – so effective that we believe our work will serve as a model for other African countries.


Working directly with the people of Cameroon, we provide:

Prevention Education:
Through outreach to community leaders, we educate and influence people to prevent the spread of HIV and seek treatment, while empowering those infected and affected. In this way we attack the misperceptions about HIV/AIDS and the culprits in its spread – ignorance and silence.

Medical Assistance:
The latest treatment protocols for patients with HIV/AIDS and training for local health care providers using the newest equipment and technology.

The HIV/AIDS statistics coming out of Africa are staggering. Many people think that the situation is hopeless. CAAA sees things differently. We are experiencing a different reality – that the spread of the virus throughout Africa can be stemmed and eventually eradicated. And that a new spirit of health, hope and productivity can flourish.

"A beacon of light and hope."
We invite you to be a part of this life-changing work.

Please contact:
Cameroon America AIDS Alliance
Dr. Francis Ntowe, Executive Director, 847-963-1664
Jan Lohs

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