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What We Do: Employee Research


Getting to the heart of the matter
Your company is committed to a culture that values, respects, and achieves success through differences in employees and work groups.

But have your diversity initiatives truly created an inclusive and valuing culture?

You believe you value your people and provide equitable opportunities.

So why do you lose high potential and top-performing employees?

You’ve worked hard to be an employer of choice. You’ve created a culture that honors diversity, creates equitable opportunities, and provides meaningful work.

Or have you? Has all your effort in development, diversity training, salary and benefits surveys, performance monitoring, and coaching created a culture that ensures satisfaction and retention? Or is the old culture thriving just beneath the surface?

Are you ready to find out?

Perception is reality
Numerical data tell just part of the story. A corporation is successful in honoring diversity and satisfaction only if employees experience the corporate culture as respectful, diverse and inclusive.

Diversity Explorations from Lohs Research can bring you a richer, more accurate understanding of your workforce because it breaks through despite these common challenges:

  • Employees may be reluctant to speak candidly, concerned that openness may lead to reprisals
  • Their perceptions may be “fuzzy,” and they may not be fully conscious of how they feel
  • They may find it hard to articulate their attitudes and feelings

How Diversity Explorations Helps
Diversity Explorations -- a unique research process -- digs deep and nurtures honest feedback. Company leaders learn just how much employees believe they are valued within the corporate culture and have equitable opportunities to contribute, develop and succeed.

Diversity Explorations also sheds light on how factors affecting each individual -- gender, race, age, education, culture, function, level, geography, years of service, prior work experience, work style, and personality -- impact employees’ experiences and, in turn, their perceptions.

Jan Lohs, principal of Lohs Research Group, specializes in helping people express their thoughts, attitudes and feelings. Her professional experience and friendly, open style help her quickly establish rapport and gain their trust. Her skill and objectivity benefit both the interview process and interpretation of data.

To obtain rich, comprehensive insights, Jan draws from a variety of qualitative research techniques to help uncover underlying attitudes and perceptions. She brings added value to her work by leveraging key learnings from her on-going study of neuropsychology.

Diversity Explorations assesses the current state of the company’s diversity initiatives from the employee perspective. We identify strengths as well as obstacles standing in the way of positive cultural growth and development.

Use Diversity Explorations to strengthen:

  • Mentoring programs
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Development programs
  • Training compliance

Planning an employee survey? Diversity Explorations provides a valuable prelude and helps focus the questionnaire.

Lohs Research's Diversity Explorations process
We custom-tailor our Diversity Explorations to meet the needs of each corporation. At project start-up, Jan works closely with the diversity and inclusion team to understand its priorities, goals, and challenges. She then proposes a research plan for addressing all issues, outlining such factors as populations to be represented, method, and number of interviews.

After in-depth interviews and thorough analysis, she presents a deliverable her clients can readily apply in their organization.

The powerful insights unearthed by Diversity Explorations provide rich grist for the mill for corporate leaders who seek to more fully integrate diversity into the core of their business.

By advancing diversity and inclusion, company leaders not only “do the right thing,” but they gain a competitive advantage through a workforce that feels enabled and motivated to contribute its best efforts.

Diversity and Inclusion are critical elements of Dow's strategy. As such, it is critical for us to understand our employees’ perceptions around issues such as respectful treatment and equitable career advancement opportunities.

Jan Lohs has played a central role in helping us elicit honest and candid input on these very sensitive issues from employees around the globe -- from the USA to China. Her professionalism and her in-depth knowledge of research techniques created an atmosphere of trust with interviewees that enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of important issues on our employees' minds. From the research design to the analysis of results, Jan added value at every step.

Kathy McDonald
Former Global Director, Diversity & Inclusion (ret.)
The Dow Chemical Company

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