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What We Do: Ethnographic Research

How do your customers truly connect with your product in their day-to-day lives?

What are their need gaps? Their work-arounds?

What happens in the store that causes consumers to connect with your brand?
… or with your competition's?

Understand what makes your market tick
Consumer ethnography has never been so popular. And it’s never been more relevant! Ethnographic research gives you a more holistic, more accurate understanding of your consumers:

  • How they live their lives
  • Their beliefs, their values, their language
  • What is and what is not relevant to them

It explores nuances and instinctive, "from the gut" behavior. It identifies symbols. From this rich foundation, you are more empowered to:

  • Develop new products or services
  • Refine existing ones
  • More effectively interact with the people you want to reach

Go beyond asking questions
Recent scientific discoveries about the brain make us rethink how we conduct market research. Simply asking questions may not get us the information we need.

  • Science has demonstrated that human behavior is not a result of rational thought processes.
  • Rather, it’s triggered by basic survival instincts hardwired into the brain.

To understand consumer needs and motivations more fully and accurately, we need to access the primal, “reptilian brain.” Ethnographic research helps us get there.

Learn more of the story
Ethnographic research is conducted where the behavior occurs naturally…on the consumers’ turf. We see consumers in the act of being themselves.

We access the consumers’ world, temporarily living alongside them. We sidestep the cerebral, “filtering” brain and witness naturally occurring behavior. We put “instinct” on your radar screen.

Why choose LRG for your ethnographic research?
Our approach to ethnography blends anthropological rigor, stemming from Jan’s training with Dr. John F. Sherry, with practical applicability.

We understand that marketers need to act on a tight timeframe. We work within your timing and budgetary needs. And we totally customize each project to match your specific research needs and issues.

Jan is experienced and skilled -- in all phases of ethnographic research.

Design and set-up
Starts with a consultative approach for the best project design
Takes great care in selecting research participants
Pays attention to every detail so your project flows glitch-free

Quickly establishes sense of trust and comfort
Knows when to stay out of the way and when to probe for clarity and depth
Keenly observes, “reads” and understands

Analysis, Conclusions, Implications
Is a true cultural interpreter
Provides exceptional deliverables
Video excerpts bring findings to life

LRG gets out into the field -- our ethnographies:

  • Are conducted with consumers, employees, professionals, business people, sales associates
  • Take place in homes, stores, malls, sports stadiums, the workplace, parks or beaches, cars
  • Focus on individuals or groups (families, friends, workgroups)

What's more -- our ethnographies:

  • Use both pre-recruited and spontaneously encountered participants
  • Involve clients in collecting and analyzing data, or are conducted independently
  • Explore behaviors occurring at one point in time or longitudinally
  • Range from interacting with the research participant to complete observation (no participant interaction)
  • Can stand alone or be part of a broader research investigation (e.g., after a library search or focus groups)

Here’s a sampling of issues we’ve explored recently:

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